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Morphbots Vision

The Morphbots vision is helping make robotic literacy the universal norm. We see a day not far off in the future where people use robots every day to make their lives better. In this world, knowing how to program a robot will be a necessary skill. STEM careers are growing three times faster than non-STEM, pay almost 2 ½ times more, and yet millions of those positions are unfilled. Morphbots wants to make robotics and STEM education “cool.” We want to engage and excite students, educators, and parents about the possibilities of learning robotics. 

Morphbots Mission

Robotics is the gateway to STEM Education. The Morphbots mission is to advance STEM education with robotics. We want to give ALL schools the capability to teach robotics with their students regardless of their economic circumstances. We believe robotics will make children smarter about how they interact with the world in the future. We can fulfill our mission of universal robotics literacy by maximizing accessibility. We are doing that with our virtual robotics kit called the Breadboard Game™ and with our Intro to Robotics e-course.

Learn From Industry Experts

Industry expert provide lots of inspiration and first-hand industry knowledge that can hone your skills and help you form new ideas.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Our fully online curriculum gives you the ability to learn and work at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

Interactive Video Lessons

Each lesson is comprehensive and covers an array of material using robust eLearning content technology.